For us sustainability means acting in harmony with the environment. For us, this means the greatest possible reduction of waste and CO2 emissions and the avoidance of animal products in our smoothies.
In this way we take our role as a sustainable company in a world with limited resources seriously.
We have identified three core concepts of our business.

All-season transport with the electric load wheel

All year round Boostie delivers with the E load bicycle. We are successfully supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport and thus contribute to the change of urban mobility. We relieve the roads and at the same time avoid the emission of CO2 100%. That is already about 3.2t CO2.

Waste reduction by utilisation of reusable cups

Due to our robust smoothie barrel and the specially adapted pump it is possible to fill any kind of container. This means that coffee cups, glass carafes or any other containers you bring to the office can be filled without any problems. e.g. our customers gratefully accept our environmentally friendly price model and thus ensure that we already use 50% less disposable cups than would be possible without our smoothie barrel. This already corresponds to a saving of more than 7500 cups!

Renewable and recyclable material of the cups​

In some situations our customers do not have a returnable cup at hand, so we also offer disposable cups. Since these are unfortunately in most cases only used once, we have looked for alternatives to plastic cups. Our current cups are made from the starch of the corn kernel. With them, no more limited oil resources are consumed, but corn as a constantly renewable resource. The cup is compostable under industrial conditions (above 65°C) and decomposes within 60 days to the natural components carbon and water. This cycle leads to an almost balanced energy and CO2 balance. In the future, the material should even compost itself by enriched enzymes, but more research is needed until then. The cups are disposed of in the residual waste.