Smoothie Catering

What's the offer?

We offer handmade vegan smoothies in all kinds of containers adapted for your event in Berlin and surroundings. We make the smoothies fresh before your event and deliver them without detours. In case you want to mix your smoothies on site, we can provide a mobile Smoothie Bar with bartender.  To save you work, we would set up or distribute the smoothies according to your wishes. With a little extra fruit, the colourful and lively decoration can be achieved without much effort. 

Catering service for business events or private occasions

Whether the smoothies should be for meetings, for breakfast or for a health day at the office, trade fairs, weddings or anniversaries: we offer you a simple and individual solution. In addition, your request will be processed by us very quickly.

Examples of our previous smoothie catering

Trade fair presence:

...break the ice between you and the client. The fresh and fruity conversation opener delights young and old. Nevertheless, our vegan smoothies are particularly suitable for health-conscious, sporty or environmentally friendly target groups. In addition, reusable containers are becoming increasingly important to customers. That's why our customer wanted 1000 small glasses.
Green week

packed smoothies

...are a real productivity booster for meetings. For this occasion they can be supplied in cups with lid and straw made of cornstarch. There is a choice of 300ml or 500ml cups. To celebrate the inauguration of an office, 27 litres of smoothies divided into 4 varieties were ordered.

summer, sun and smoothies

.... is the combination that will leave a long positive impression on your employees. It was the same with this enthusiastic customer. Namely, we delivered two varieties in a 15 litre barrel each. Afterwards the summer party could be celebrated cheerfully.

Company event:
10-30l smoothie barrels

... ...we offer when it's going to be large quantities. This allows the smoothie to be conveniently filled using a pump. With this variant, it is easy to fill the containers independently on site. The result is that no packaging is required.
Health Day

Smoothie Catering:
packaged smoothies for meetings

...are a real alternative to the usual snack for long meetings. Because of the different ingredients a 500ml smoothie will keep you full for several hours. In addition, the ingredients allow a long concentration phase without the well-known energy low.

Regular delivery:
unpacked smoothies

Of course we can also fill your vessels directly on site. Even if you do not have suitable vessels, we can provide several 1.5 litre glasses, for example. Then the employees can, for example, fill their own cups. If you want a regular supply, the same glasses can be reused. Therefore we do not need any smoothie packaging.

Health day at the office:
indoor smoothie bar

Finally, we can also mix the smoothies directly on site. Because of the colourful fruit decoration the bar automatically becomes a real eye-catcher. At the same time the holiday feeling comes all by itself.
Health Day