Open sales stand

Smoothie Fass für Berliner Büros Boostie offener Verkaufsstand

Request now and secure a suitable free time slot. 

What is an open sales stand?

An “open sales stand” is the service we call the service for which our courier opens a temporary smoothie sales stand at your premises. All employees can buy there daily fresh and handmade superfood smoothies. If your company has 200 employees on site and is located in Berlin Mitte, this sales stand is even free of charge for the employer. Otherwise a small delivery fee may apply.

What is included in the sales stand?

The bicycle courier comes with a cooled smoothie barrel. The barrel contains the daytime smoothie. With our pumping system, all kinds of containers can be filled. If no vessels are available on site, cups made of corn starch can be purchased. We also have a card reader, free trial shots, 10 stamp cards, vouchers and our tray. On the tablet you can see all the ingredients of the daily smoothies. In addition, the courier will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of “smoothies”.

What is needed?

We need a bicycle parking space in front of your door and access to the “sales room“. You must assign this to us. A suitable place is one to which all employees have access, such as a lounge, kitchen or the entrance area. Only a stable shelf is required. Afterwards we will agree together on the limited sales window. Depending on the size of the company, this varies between 15 and 30 minutes. Afterwards you communicate the space and time to the staff so that everyone is involved together and you are ready to go.


The resource-saving purchase is rewarded with the environmental price! This is given to everyone who has their own container filled and pre-orders the smoothie. 

happy smoothie customers

Frequently asked questions to the courier

Pre-orders can be placed with the courier, by email to or by calling WhatsApp on 0176/34655385 with your name and company.

The payment can be made in cash or with card payment at the courier or per Paypal (+0,50 €).