Smoothies for the office
You want to offer your colleagues and yourself something special?
Boostie delivers
We bring freshly produced smoothies straight to your office.



Monday - Friday at a fixed and constant time, which will be coordinated in advance (see Route)

The place of delivery must be agreed at the first order at the location and is usually fixed afterwards.

Order & Payment

Spont purchase with courier

At Courier, by E-Mail: or WhatsApp at 0176/34655385 with name and company

Payment via:
Bar or card payment by courier, Transfer or Paypal (+0,50 €)

Models and Requirements

Model 1:

from 0

10 smoothies is the minimum order for a regular delivery to your office, even if the office has less than 200 employees. Unfortunately, logistics with the fresh goods is not possible in any other way. This minimum purchase also depends on the distance of the office to the route. Therefore, a smaller smoothie quantity is also possible. Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to provide you with our smoothies.

Model 2:

from 0
employees in the company

From 200 employees in the office, our smoothie courier can come to your office at a fixed time window. At the courier the employees can buy the fresh smoothies themselves. The concept is very popular, as it is very easy to implement and is risk-free for the employer. We only need a small kitchen or lounge area to which all employees of the office have access. Feel free to contact us!

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