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The smoothies are produced without additives and pasteurisation

Environmentally friendly delivery of the Open-plan offices, gastronomy & events

Smoothies of the day (01.10.-31.10.)

Our assortment changes monthly in order to be able to use as much seasonal fruit as possible. You can find all nutritional information here.

Boostie Shaker
The high-quality and stable shaker is ideal for consuming the creamy smoothies. Because the cup can be closed, the smoothie stays fresh longer. Over time, the various ingredients can settle naturally. By shaking the shaker, this can be counteracted. The shakers are also easy to clean. Because they can be closed, they are ideal for the workplace - as well as for the dishwasher. The Boostie-Shaker is only available with advance order.​

Smoothie of your choice

Among the desired smoothies are the following 5 varieties and additionally the daily smoothies independent of the day of sale.
The desired smoothies can be made on request.



Each Boostie smoothie provides a delicious rich supply of the body compared to a typical juice like smoothie. This is made possible by its special composition of ingredients.


At least 250 g fruit and some vegetables provide the natural essential vitamin supply. Nutritious nuts, seeds and flakes, in combination with superfoods, provide plenty of minerals and contribute to the normal functioning of the organs.

Full Energy

The ingredients contribute to long-lasting satiation and even to increased performance. With at least 300 kcal, a balanced nutritional profile and lots of fibre, a smoothie is a full-fledged snack, as recommended by the DGE.


The smoothies are delivered to the office. This eliminates all early morning worries and queues at the bakery or in the shop. In addition, you save yourself the stress of buying fruit, peeling, mixing, cleaning, tidying up and always paying attention to the quick perishability.

Prices and sustainability

The smoothies are sold and bottled in compostable cups with lids and straws made of maize starch. We reward the filling into our own containers and by ordering in advance we can produce according to your needs and reduce waste together with you. Our resource-conserving purchasing is rewarded with the environmental prize. 
Together for a green and natural world! 

Boosties first TV appearance

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