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Boostie Shaker
The high quality and durable Boostie shaker is ideal for consuming the creamy our creamy Boosties. Due to the resealable cup, the Boostie will remain fresh for an extended period of time. The shakers are also easy to clean and suitable for the dishwasher. Only available with advanced order.

Smoothie of your choice

These include the smoothie of the day regardless of the day of sale. They are custom-made and must be ordered in advance.

Vital drink

Each of our smoothies provides a delicious and balanced refreshment. This is achieved by the special composition of ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals.


The juicy fruit and fresh vegetables provide the natural essential vitamin supply. Nutritious nuts in combination with superfoods help in the fight against cravings and support the normal functioning of the body.

Smart boost

The ingredients contribute to long-lasting satiation and increased performance. With its balanced nutritional profile and lots of fibre, our smoothies are in line with the DGE recommendations.


Enormous time savings due to the removal of purchasing, fruit management, production, cleaning and management of leftovers. The delivery eliminates some worries early in the morning.


Resource-saving purchasing is rewarded with the environmental price! Everyone who brings their own jar and pre-orders the smoothie receives a discount. The pre-ordering allows us to produce according to demand. This way you help us to reduce organic waste.

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