We hear this very often and even if it is not a direct question, we would like to comment on it.
The problem with fructose is not, as is usually thought, the release of insulin, but the metabolism in the liver. It can – just like alcohol – lead to a fatty liver when consumed in large quantities. It should therefore be avoided – but not with fruit. 
The German Society for Nutrition recommends about 250 grams of fruit a day. Fruit contains many vitamins and has a high water content, which makes it satiating. Fruit should be consumed as completely as possible, as it contains natural filling substances (dietary fibres) and healthy secondary plant substances – usually just under the skin. The problem began when the fibre was removed from the fruit and the fructose was retained as in juices. The problem was aggravated by industrially produced fructose, which was added to a large extent in soft drinks, sweets and ready-made products because it is particularly cheap and sweet. These foods, including juices, are very high in energy and have a low satiating effect. Therefore, the warning about fruit sugar is due to the high consumption of such foods and less to the enormous consumption of the fruits. So, with a balanced diet, you can enjoy a fresh smoothie – made from whole fruit. Cheers! 

With permanent cooling, our smoothies can also be consumed the following day without hesitation. This is the big disadvantage of not pasteurising our smoothies.
We recommend consumption as soon as possible. The taste, consistency and nutrients will deteriorate over time. The fruit would start to ferment after only a few hours in direct sunlight and at a room temperature of 20-28°C and would become inedible.

No and we are proud of our cups made from the starch of the corn kernel (not edible). They no longer consume limited petroleum resources, but use corn as a constantly renewable raw material. The cup is compostable under industrial conditions (above 65°C) and decomposes within 60 days into the natural components carbon and water. This cycle leads to an almost balanced energy and CO2 balance. In order to keep the waste as low as possible, we have chosen the sustainable pricing model. If you have your own container, such as the Boostie-Shaker, filled, you save 20 cents with every purchase. We therefore take our role as a sustainable company in a world with limited resources very seriously.
We currently supply a new range of products every month and thus already ensure a variety of different flavours. The desired smoothie can provide further variety. Even small special requests can be taken into account, e.g. in case of allergies. Please write to us or ask the courier.

We use ripe fruit and fresh vegetables to achieve the best possible composition of nutrients, but of course also because of the taste. We also use fruits and vegetables that have been picked ripe and directly shock frozen. No chemical preservatives are used, no taste is lost and studies have shown that vitamins are preserved in this way.

We use fresh whole fruit, i.e. all the fruit except for the inedible components, and we do not use pasteurisation. Other smoothie manufacturers heat the smoothies strongly and thus reduce the vitamin content. They also use industrially pre-processed fruit purees or juices in very large proportions. These smoothies are not very satiating. We always add a satiating (high-fiber) component such as nuts or oatmeal so that you are fit and satiated until the next meal.

Because of the non-pasteurization, our smoothies have a refrigerated shelf life of 48 hours. That is why they are also delivered directly after production by fast bicycle courier. This way the maximum fresh and vitamin-rich smoothies can quickly reach you.

The water is used to mix all the ingredients so that a drinkable smoothie comes out at the end. We also like to use crushed ice. Some smoothies are also made with almond drink or coconut milk. 

In principle there are no restrictions here. We recommend to use a sealable container to slow down the oxidative processes as much as possible. In addition, the closure provides more safety at the workplace. If the container still has a large opening, cleaning is much easier.

So-called fitness shakers are ideal because they are durable and sealable and, like our Boostie shaker, have a large opening and their own sieve for mixing.